Baptism of Fire

Well yesterday’s journey was certainly a baptism of Fire as the temperature reached 29 degrees. Yesterday was always going to be hard. Because I couldn’t find any accommodation in the first 2 villages I had to double up and do two full sections. A total of 42 km with 1900 meters of ascent.It turns out there was a wedding in the tourist hotspot of Sare. I arrived just as the happy couple exited the church and the streets were packed it was 5pm very hot and I was still over 2 hours away from my hotel. All the bars and restaurants were full. Eventually I arrived at my hotel at 8.11 pm 12 hours and 1 minute after leaving Hendaye. I am looking forward to a few easier days now before getting into the really high mountains. Yesterday only reached 600 meters but nevertheless the scenery was stunning.

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