Rest Day.

At 8 am the weather forecast said 90 percent chance of rain so I decide today would be a rest day and I would take advantage of the fine room (and has a kettle…but only minute cups) I knew it was the right decision when I put my foot on the floor and I made a small pool of strawberry calpol on the floor.
So far the lodgings have been varied. First night was a fabulous 4 star hotel which was really luxurious but I did look out of place sat in the restaurant with only posh clientele enjoying a Saturday evening and me sat there in my Pertex wind proof pants and my Bingley Harriers Tee shirt. It was fine dining so you know what that means..FIFTY FIVE euros for 2 lamb chops each the size of my little finger and a dozen borrower sized mushroom. Sacranblure! Vous et aving Un laugh. In the morning when I found that my €140 room didn’t include breakfast I bought 4 croissant from the small village souvenir shop and washed them down with a litre of water.
2 days later I stayed in my first gite d’tappe at St Etienne De Biagorry and for €36 euro I had my own room a 4 course evening meal of good home cooked food with Yorkshire portions and breakfast included. Now that’s what I call fine dining. St Etienne has a wonderful church and if I can remember how I added the last photo I will and a picture of the interior. It was spectacular in that it has galleries all the way around looking like the inside of a Shakespeare theater….can’t seem to get the photo to up load so you will have to wait for the next installment.

One thought on “Rest Day.

  1. Loving your blog Steve & your ‘ramblings’ on this day just made me laugh out loud 😂 Sounds like you’re having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you (after you’ve had a bath) when you return from your epic journey. Enjoy the rest of your ramblings, will keep checking in for updates. Love from Carolyn & the Nicoll boys XXXX


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