Whiffy yes Wi-fi no.

Yes it is fair to say that by the end of each day, how shall I put it, I stink. Walking up hill when it’s hot makes you sweat. Walking up steep hills when it’s almost 30 degrees and you have a pack on your back makes you sweat alot so once the walking has been done every thing I have worn that day has to be thorough washed and dried. Well it seems to work for Jack Reacher.

A lack of Wi-fi has meant I have not been able to update you and the tracker hasn’t been updating so sorry if you have been concerned.

So far it has been great. One or two slightly less than perfect moments but mostly a thoroughly enjoyable journey. It’s 7 am it’s pouring outside and today’s section has a lot of limestone on the route. The guide book specifically says this can be a difficult section if it’s wet and rain is forecast all day today 6/9. I have a massive blister on the sole of my left foot which is oozing liquid the colour and texture of strawberry yougart! should I be worried? I am in a lovely warm bed and can feel a rest day may be the right decision I will see how I feel in an hour or so. DSC_0158
I have finally worked out how to insert pictures. Only taken 2 weeks.
Not sure how they will come out on the blog or where to add a caption. The one above is day one 500 meters into the Journey.i will add more later.

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