A visit from Shergar.

My Auntie Eileen is a lovely lady. She originates from the West Coast of Ireland and like many Irish people she comes out with some wonderful terms and expressions. I remember visiting one day when she said ” There was a spider walked across the carpet yesterday. It was so big you could have put a saddle on it.” This amused me at the time and although I never saw the horses sized spider in question,I always think of her when I see a big spider of my own. So at 4am this morning I woke because I heard a really low wurring sound. I switched the light on and no more than 3 inches from my face was the biggest spider I have seen for a long time. It scared the life out of me for a few seconds and I brushed it onto the floor. I nicknamed it Shergar. The below picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s body was easily as long as my watch face, but it shrunk it’s self when went to photograph it. DSC_0041
It was not the start to the day I was wanting as today was going to be tough. There was another narrow path to negotiate. the Cornice de Arras. Which is even narrower than the Chemin de Mature traversed yesterday. Also today we had the biggest climb of the trip so far, upto the Horquette de Arry, a Mountain col at 2485 meters.
With that in mind a good night’s sleep was the order of the day, not a 4am visit from “Shergar”

Although I found the 6 hour climb very tiring it was worth it. the Cornice de Arras was impressive
And the views on the way up and at the top were once again spectacular.
Woodland river as we climbed.

The route ahead.

There was just so much to photograph I hardly had time to do any walking.
I past several big lumps of snow

And St the top, The Horquette de Arry, I couldn’t resist creating a view of my own. When Arry met Arre.

on the final few 100 meters top I
Passedseveral species of wild flower, and was astounded at how they could grow in the middle the discarded rocks from the old lead mines…Photos to follow.

Coming down was just as impressive but again I can’t get the photos to upload in fact some of them seem to have disappeared completely. Maybe I have reached my data limit on this post, or may be they are hiding out with Shergar? Until tomorrow Mes Amie. Bon Nuit

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