Pictures from Day 19 and 20

So on Day 19 I arrived at the half way point, Bagneres de Luchon, where I was able to buy a new phone, but only after a 2km diversion to an Inter Marche (2k there and 2k back)  I then continued my journey to the small  village of Artigue for my first nights sleep in the Arierge region. All-focus

After I had fully charged my new phone I was able to take my first picture since about day 10. This is the fire place inside the tiny unmanned gite at Artique.

Day 20 was from Artique to Fos.


The Gite at Artigue


Much of the route on day 20 followed the border between France and Spain which is marked  by these posts.


The Gite at Fos run by Marcell and Jean Claude. I think they are father and son.

More pictures from around Fos.

The villages of the Arierge seem older and poorer than those of the first two regions I passed through, but the people offer a warm welcome and genuine delight at you being there. This was demonstrated on the morning of day 21.

The night before i had told Jean Claude I would take breakfast at 7am and leave at 7:30. However also staying at the gite we’re a group from the admin team of Toulouse University which included 5 quite attractive Ladies. I would guess they were all in their late 20′ or early 30’s. As I sat down for breakfast one of the ladies appeared in lycra tights and a tee shirt and explained they were going to do yoga. Where I asked. Here in the kitchen explained the lady.

I thought having 5 young ladies perform Yoga routines around me whilst I tried to eat may make affect my concentration on the most important meal of the day and I really needed the calories  so I made a few jam sandwiches, said a cheery Au Revoir to Marcell and the young lady and set off in the darkness.  About 10 minutes later I heared running foot steps and panting behind me and the figure of Jean Claude appeared from the morning twilight. He ran up to me arms out stretched like a long lost brother. Monsieur I wanted to wish you good luck for your journey. Its funny how something so small can mean so much. I had a lump in my throat. We exchanged hand shakes and beaming smiles and wished each other well on our journey through life. Bon Courage Jean Claude.


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