Here are the videos from my trip:

Day 11:

Gourette. End of day 11.

Had to stand on my head to get that shot.

When Arry met Arry

Look out Petal

I hope I can still do this at 72

Cornice de Arras

One for the fog lovers

9/11 Hylo Day

Day 10

Gabas aan the end of day 10

Pic de Midi Ossau from Col D’ayous

Speechless. Yes honest Andy.

Le Chemin de la Mature Part 1

Le Chemin de Mature Part 2

Look out! There’s a train coming.

4 Nationalities enjoying Breakfast

Day 10 Bonjour Mon Petite Tete Choux Fleures

Day 9

One down, Three to go. (End of day 9)

Beautiful village of Borce

View of day’s walk so far

Best foot forward….that’s the one without the blisters.

Introducing Dominique

Village of Luscun

Le Neuf de Le Neuf

Day 8

Janet Palmer the Herriott way this is not.

Day 8 Episode 2. Basically I needed a rest.

Start of Day 8

Day 7

The Eagle has flown.

The bridge

Day 6

Tha can allus tell a Yorkshire man but you can tell him much..about it..I.t.

So as we all waited for dinner to be served, some delivered kebabs

Day 5

Smashing hotel in Larrau

End of day 5..,,don’t look if your having your breakfast.

Day 5 arriving at Iraty Ski resort.

day 5 off we go again

Day 4

End of day 4.

Day 4 on route to St Jean Pied de port

Dawn on Day 4.

Day 3

Day 3 view from impala Ridge

Day 3. Looking back at the descent to Bidaray.

Day 2

Day 2 What’s for lunch!!!

Day 2 look down to Anhehoe

Day 1 and 2 Update

First video